Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Trotting the Globe......

Picture From: http://www.globetrotter1897.com/

On days like today...perfect Spring days, I daydream of making last minute plans to travel to some exotic location.  Someplace I would never have dared to venture, except today is different because it is a day of hope.  Hope, that summer is near...bringing new and exciting adventures!  This daydreaming usually has its consequences, usually in the form of online browsing/wishing I had won the latest Mega Millions Jackpot...Given that my budget is nearly non-existent I tend to daydream about the perfect suitcase/travel wardrobe. 

The perfect suitcase would come from either a thrift store or Globe-Trotter.  Of course mine would be the 'Original' in tan....shown above : /

I love daydreaming.

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